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Apart from providing accommodation, we collaborate with private schools, education consultants, advisors and recruitment agencies partners in providing a holistic service to international students.

We do understand that many foreign students in Singapore wish to remain in Singapore after their studies to look for suitable employment and build their careers in Singapore. The chances of success in finding employment in Singapore really depends on what the foreign students studied in Singapore. If they possess knowledge and skills sets that are in demand in Singapore, the likelihood of finding employment would be higher. Some of the skill sets that are in demand in Singapore include information technology skills such programmers, graphic designers, search engine marketers and hospitality skills such as cooks, bar tendering etc. The type and quality of private schools which they studied is also important as employers do consider the quality of graduates when making hiring decisions.

In recent years, with stricter employment pass requirements and criteria, many foreign students face difficulties in their job search process in Singapore.  As an added service we therefore  try our best to assist our students to find jobs in Singapore by working with our singapore recruitment agency  partners such as JobPlus Employment & Recruitment Agency. Students can obtain career placement advice from our recruitment agencies partners on job and career opportunities in Singapore.


Students can also refer to the Ministry of Manpower website for information about how to obtain employment pass to work in Singapore.  Recruitment-Agencies-PartnersJobPlus also provides work pass and employment pass application services and more details can be found at this link : How to Apply For Employment Pass in Singapore and Singapore Employment Pass

Please contact us for more details about partnership agreement and our commission incentives for student introduction and referrals.

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