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How To Find A Job in Singapore Through A Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency is a useful resource as part of job seekers job search strategy. 

recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies helps job seekers find employment, while also helping a company find the perfect person for the vacancies which they are trying to find the best available talent. One of the best resource for job seekers is to go through the job listings of recruitment agencies on the websites.
Recruitment agencies are constantly approached by job seekers and have a good understanding of where and who the best available talent, where they are, and how to reach out to these candidates. Recruitment Consultants specialising in a specific industry or markets have a good insights about the market salaries and available skill-sets and current hiring challenges.

Recruitment Consultants have access to a wider variety of job opportunities given the close relationships with their clients. Each Recruitment Consultant will have their own clients and industry which they specialise in and that can help connect job seekers with the right job openings.

Recruitment agencies also help their clients in the recruitment process from sorting through large number of job seekers CVs. Recruitment agencies conduct preliminary assessments, interviewing, screening and reference checks of potential candidates. Candidates introduced by recruitment agencies who have a better chance of getting the interviews with the human resource manager or hiring managers as the recruitment agencies have already done the necessary screening and recommended the best possible candidates for hiring.

Job seekers can also enjoy additional benefits working with recruitment agencies such as career advice on how to improve their resume and interview techniques. Recruiters provide job seeker with a head start by providing more insight about the company such as its organisational culture etc before arranging the job interviews with their clients. Recruitment agencies are also able to match job seekers various job options as they understand the aspirations of job seekers. An example of Job Listings in a recruitment agency site can be found at JobPlus – Job Listings

There are numerous other  Recruitment Agencies which job seekers can approach in Singapore.

The above article is contributed by JobPlus Employment & Recruitment Agency

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